Reasons to use Classical Homeopathy


• Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is effective, safe and non-toxic.
• Homeopathy offers over 2000 remedies to treat conditions of acute and chronic diseases.
• Homeopathy treats the whole person, not the disease in isolation.
• Homeopathy is suitable for patients of all ages from the very young to the elderly.
• Homeopathy is becoming an increasingly popular choice of treatment for the whole family to improve and maintain their health.
• Homeopathy does not suppress physical, emotional or mental symptoms, and therefore does no only camouflage them, but treats the root and basis of these problems.

Classical Homeopathy is beneficial in helping infants, children, adults and the elderly with a wide variety of problems.

A homeopath does not treat "diseases" as such, but sees all the symptoms as an expression of a central disturbance or disharmony in the person as a whole. These symptoms may be labelled conditions such as "asthma" or "migraine" but with homeopathy each patient will require a solution based on a much greater totality than simply the name of disease.

For more information and to see if homeopathy could by beneficial for your case as an individual, please contact me for a quick individual assessment.



Renata Hines MARH, RHom Homoeopath

I am a fully qualified classical homoeopath and my objective is to provide patient centered care and high standard of treatment. 

The successful homoeopathic treatment of several family members and also my personal experience with homoeopathic treatment led me to my vocation to study Homoeopathy after a career as a dental surgeon.


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