Demystifying Homeopathy


Therapies which are not homeopathy:
• Reiki
• Bach flowers and other floral.
• Herbal (use of drugs or herbal tea made from plants).
• Manipulated Formula medicine
• Ortho-molecular Therapy.
• Floral Therapy.
• Laying on of hands healing and Spiritualism
• Nor it is a system of popular beliefs.

The use of herbal treatments does not mean one is practising homeopathy, possibly this is the commonest misconception.

Incidentally, it is good to clarify that homeopathy has nothing to do with traditional systems and / or treatment of any ethnic group or nation on our planet.

The idea of similarity was mentioned by Hippocrates and also in Hindu tradition. However neither system of thought developed the idea.

Although some attempts were made during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to resume this idea, no notable advances occurred. Were it not for the genius of Hahnemann to perceive and fully develop it, perhaps today the Law of Similars would now only be a footnote in the story of the development of medicine.

But, people may ask, doesn’t homeopathy use plants in its treatments?
Yes, but besides plants Homeopathy also uses animal products and mineral. Indeed any substance can be used as a homeopathic medicine if it satisfies the homeopathic requirements and technical knowledge. We can explain a little better about this knowledge exemplifying that if a substance "does one good", for a stomach ulcer; the substance will not be used by homeopaths to treat the ulcer, rather they will use a substance that is capable of producing an ulcer for the purpose of curing the patient who is suffering from the ulcer.  It is clear that this substance (remedy) is prepared in a different way (to normal medicine), in accordance with homeopathic knowledge.

Nowadays, the most practiced traditional medical systems that generate more questions and seek to establish parallels with homoeopathy is traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Hindu medicine and  traditional Hawaiian medicine. These systems practice herbalism. We do not find the principle of similars practiced by them.

The main and only connection that binds homeopathy to such traditional knowledge is to think about the unity of the being, where the whole should not be dismantled into physical and mental conditions to be treated. In homeopathy this knowledge (the unity of being) comes from the exercise of trials of homoeopathic remedies on humans, it is not a theoretical proposal and is fundamental to the understanding and practice of homeopathy.

Another therapeutic choice that has nothing to do with homeopathy but is often confused with it are floral therapy, Bach’s flower therapy and similar. Prescribed with the intention to appease and make psychic symptoms disappear, these drugs, due to their own healing power and methodology of implementation, should not be used during the homeopathic treatment because they divert labour and movement that are instituted by the application of homeopathic medication.


Renata Hines MARH, RHom Homoeopath

I am a fully qualified classical homoeopath and my objective is to provide patient centered care and high standard of treatment. 

The successful homoeopathic treatment of several family members and also my personal experience with homoeopathic treatment led me to my vocation to study Homoeopathy after a career as a dental surgeon.


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